About Us

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Our Company dedicated to New Green Technology Development.

From LED VIDEOTRON, VIDEOWALL, Lighting System, Solar Panel, LED Displays System, Touch screen System, Surveilance System.

Security & Surveilance System

Other than LED Sytem, we have another division on Security and Surveilance System. From IP Camera, Networking System, WIFI Antenna, Acess Point and Reuters, Moving detector, Alarm System, RFID Reader & Writer, Finger Print Sensor, Automatic Keylock, Automatic Gate System, Infrared Sensing System, GPS Tracker, 3G/CDMA/Wifi Signal Jammer and other Security System Product

Running Text & Videotron/Megatron

We provide Running Text ( InDoor & OutDoor ) and Videotron / Megatron, as a media campaign for you, with various types and sizes, for sale and rent. New Generation Single Color (Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple) and Full Color with RGB LED using DIP & SMD